Chaparral Elementary Instrumental Music

Macaroni Kids Winner "Best Music Lessons" 2019

Community Support

Abby Ballinger, Band & Orchestra Teacher, Sierra Middle School - "My philosophy is that music changes lives. It builds a positive self-esteem, a sense of community, teaches responsibility, gives a sense of belonging, and allows an outlet for "self expression" and creativity. Our program at Sierra has a strong tradition of making great music. We achieved a high level of musicianship last year, and I'm looking forward to making this year even better!"

Cynthia Berndt, Music Teacher, Stone Mountain Elementary - "Without music, life is boring!"

George Boser, Principal, Summit View Elementary -"I fully support these music programs, and I understand the importance of making these opportunities available for all kids.  All kids have talents and treasures waiting to be developed, and it is great that these programs will allow kids the opportunity to explore their interests, hopes and dreams."

Nick Hinman, Director of Bands, Chaparral High School - "Learning an instrument is an invaluable way for your child to develop cognitively (by simultaneously using both sides of the brain), build confidence, work on fine motor and listening skills, develop friendships, instantly work as a 'starter' on a team, put their phone down, express themselves, and most importantly, have FUN!  Thank you for supporting (and continuing to support) your child's music education!"

Andrea L. Meyers, Retired DCSD Teacher - "I highly recommend Instrumental Music for all our students!  Orchestra and Band is more than a class, it's a place for friendship,'s a family.  I LOVED being in orchestra!  It was always a safe, fun, happy place to make music!  In music, our students become better leaders, problem solvers, develop higher thinking skills, are offered unique opportunities, and have so much FUN making music!"

Shel Stanfill, Orchestra Director, Chaparral High School - "Playing music and getting to perform it are treasures of life.  How wonderful to get the opportunity to be part of an organized program at school to explore this great art form.  I am proud to be part of the instrumental music system in Douglas County and very much enjoy watching students achieve their successes in music every year."

Former beginning band student - "Playing an instrument makes me have a lot of responsibility."