Chaparral Elementary Instrumental Music



Instruction is $41 per month, payable at the first of each month, beginning with September.  A $21 registration fee is due upon registration.  Registration and online billing will be powered by Active Educate.  Click here to register.

Checks may also be mailed.  If checks are mailed, they should be made to the Colorado Chamber Orchestra and mailed to:

Colorado Chamber Orchestra

P.O. Box 631668

Highlands Ranch, CO  80163

Sibling discounts: The first child enrolled is $41 per month, along with the $21 registration fee. Additional siblings enrolled in the program may participate at half-price, $20.50, along with the $21 registration fee.


If you would like to pay for the entire year at once, please mail in a check for $390, with student's name and school.  ($205.50 for siblings.) This can also be done with credit card when registering.  Click here to register.




We may be able to provide financial assistance to students with need. 

Please take this link to our online application via Wufoo:

We want your child to be able to participate!


Free use of instrument scholarship

The Colorado Chamber Orchestra has several instruments that can be loaned to participating students for no charge.  This would help reduce monthly costs since students would pay for instruction, but not have to pay for instrument rental.


Reduced instrument rental fee scholarship

Each school may have an instrument or two that can be loaned out for $50 each semester (Fall and Spring).   This would help with reducing costs - students would pay for instruction and the $50 per semester, compared to renting an instrument for between $20 - 100 per month and also paying tuition.  


Half-tuition scholarship

Half-tuition scholarships ($20.50 per month tuition and $21.00 registration fee) are available for students on free or reduced lunch.  With a copy of your child's lunch letter (uploaded on the scholarship link above), we can give you a coupon code to reduce tuition to half.


Full tuition scholarship or matching dollar scholarship

Thanks to generous donations, we are able to award a few full scholarships or matching dollar scholarships (i.e. you contribute $10, and we match it with another $10 towards your account) for students with serious financial need for the 2018-19 school year.